You can make a difference in San Bernardino!

San Bernardino Valley College is one of the most affordable education opportunities in our community, but other expenses make it difficult for students to finish their degree. Your contribution can help increase the college-going rate in San Bernardino.

Loveth Offor was accepted into the Valley-Bound Commitment program in 2011, a unique program that provides a free first year of college to eligible students in our district. Loveth is now completing her second year at San Bernardino Valley College, thanks to a scholarship provided by the SBVC Foundation. In essence, Loveth has received a free college education because of community support!

"I feel that my experience in the Valley-Bound Commitment is a foundation to my new life and starting my future. I really feel like I can do anything. Even if I'm making mistakes, I can get things together," Loveth said. "I feel so guided and it is so amazing."

By participating in the SBVC Foundation Annual Fund Campaign at any level, you can help students like Loveth accomplish their goals and ensure those who are the most impacted by the current economic crisis can improve their lives through education.