The SBVC Foundation awards over $200,000 in scholarships annually to individual students for enrollment fees, books and supplies. Without this scholarship help, many students would not be able to complete their education. From October 1, 2020 through January 31, 2021, you can see a list of active scholarships at This is also the link for students to apply for scholarships. If you are a student at SBVC, use your WebAdvisor login information to fill out your scholarship application.

Donors may choose to give to: 

  • Named/Endowed Scholarships—Established at a minimum $5,000 level, these scholarships will be awarded in perpetuity based on the level of the endowment. 
  • Memorial Scholarships—Donations can be accepted in memory of a loved one, who will be memorialized in the Scholarship Program each year the scholarship is awarded. 
  • Annual Scholarships—Organizations or donors who would like to award an annual scholarship may do so by donating the scholarship amount each year.

Valley-Bound Commitment

Piloted in 2008, the Valley-Bound Commitment is a special program for low income students in San Bernardino Valley College’s feeder high schools. It is designed to remove economic barriers for these high school graduates by covering enrollment fees and textbooks for the first year of attendance. In addition, the students participate in a learning community within the First Year Experience program, helping to strengthen their academic achievements.


For many students, textbook purchases are a major obstacle. While enrollment fees are low, textbooks can easily add up to hundreds of dollars for a semester. A number of fundraisers are held annually to provide textbook scholarships for students in need.


As a member of the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference, the San Bernardino Valley College Wolverines host a number of athletic teams. The SBVC Foundation raises funds to help with team trips, athletic equipment, uniforms, and special athletic events.

Educational Program Needs

With the ever decreasing state budget for education, many of our innovative academic and vocational programs lack the funding necessary to make them successful. A variety of opportunities are available to donate for educational programs, including the annual campaign and the President’s Circle. Another program is the Institute of Media Arts (IMA), which is affiliated with San Bernardino Valley College’s Radio, TV, Film (RTVF) Program. The IMA offers dynamic constantly-evolving methods of education, promotion and advocacy.


Keeping up with technology is an expensive endeavor. State funding cannot sufficiently cover campus building and equipment needs. The SBVC Foundation aims to help keep our campus state-of-the-art by providing funding for facilities and equipment.