San Bernardino Valley College raises $325,000 toward California Community Colleges Scholarship Endowment (CCCSE)

In May 2008, The Bernard Osher Foundation pledged a gift of $50 million to launch the California Community Colleges Scholarship Endowment.  The CCCSE campaign challenged the California Community Colleges to raise $50million by June 30, 2011, which would be matched 50% by the Osher Foundation after they had already pledged $25 million for scholarships.  Each college had a fundraising goal based on its full-time equivalent student basis.  The goal was to establish a $100 million endowed scholarship fund for California community college students.

San Bernardino Valley College raised $324,740, generating an additional $162,370 in match dollars from The Bernard Osher Foundation. We didn’t quite make our goal of $415,399, but we came close.  These funds will go a long way toward helping future generations of San Bernardino Valley College students by funding at least 24 scholarships every year, in perpetuity.

All told, the CCCSE resulted in a permanent scholarship fund that exceeds $67.7 million, enough to fund more than 3,300 scholarships a year, forever.